Düsseldorf – Business & Science

The state capital is the heart of the Rhine-Ruhr region. More than 80,000 companies are located in the economic region of Düsseldorf, of which 39,000 are situated directly in the city area. It is one of the leading international trade, service and communication centres in Germany and Europe.

The metropolis on the Rhine is the seat of numerous companies and research institutions in the fields of medicine and health, chemicals and pharmaceuticals as well as industrial technology and innovation. Moreover, Düsseldorf is a leading location for the information and communications sector in Germany. Fashion and beauty also play a major role for the city. Düsseldorf is one of the world's top fashion locations along with Milan and Paris. A summary of the city’s areas of competence is available as a PDF download.

More than 70 consulates and foreign funding organisations for commerce and tourism are based in Düsseldorf. Also noteworthy is the size of the Japanese community. Around 450 Japanese firms are among the many international companies residing in Düsseldorf. The close ties with China and Russia are also reflected in various facets of the Düsseldorf economy.