Arriving by Taxi

Düsseldorf has the second highest density of taxis in Germany. This makes it easy to catch a taxi to your destination, day or night.

Taxi Centre Düsseldorf:
+49 (0)211 / 333-33 or +49 (0)211 / 999-99

+49 (0)211 212121

The basic fee for a taxi ride is EUR 4.50; each additional kilometre costs EUR 2.20. A surcharge of EUR 2 applies for credit card payments. The hourly rate is EUR 35. Those interested in determining precise taxi costs in advance are advised to use the convenient taxi fare calculator.

A special rate of EUR 20 applies for taxi rides from Düsseldorf airport to all entrances of Messe Düsseldorf and vice versa, day or night.

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