Function Rooms at CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf

The CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf is a complex of convention facilities with two separately usable entrances: CCD Süd and CCD Stadthalle. Furthermore, it is connected to two adjoining exhibition halls (Hall 1 and Hall 3). The CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf is expanding its capacity and getting a facelift, find out more about our NEW MEETING DIMENSIONS.
Please note that in the course of this the Room 14 will be renamed Room 13 and the Rooms 15 to 19 and 110 to 112 are no longer available. The new plans can be found here.

The CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf has a capacity of up to 7,500 people. Its 41 modular room units can be configured individually, providing customised space for events of all shapes and sizes. The structural connection with Hall 1 and Hall 3 makes it possible to expand the total capacity to up to 16,000 people.

Here you will find detailed information on the individual rooms at the Congress Center and on the various seating options and technical features:

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