Room 28 CCD Süd – 2nd Floor

Just like Rooms 26 and 27, Room 28 is located on the 2nd floor of the CCD Süd. With its glass dome and views of the Rhine, the room - which has an area of 196 sqm - is very well suited for exclusive events. Adequate daylight is available and the room can be darkened, if necessary. Due to its unique location, Room 28 is ideal for exclusive events. The necessary infrastructure - such as cloakroom, elevator and toilets - is available.

The adjoining foyer, from which one can access Rooms 26, 27 and 28, has an area of 160 sqm and can be used for various purposes.


Total area:

196 sqm

Total height:

2.85 m


2.50 m

Maximum capacity for 2nd Floor:


Seating Options

Theatre-style seating:

199 persons

Classroom-style seating:

110 persons

Banquet-style seating:

100 persons

U-shape seating:

48 persons

Hollow square seating:

52 persons



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