Room 3

With its honeycomb design and area of 473 sqm, Room 3 is ideal for meetings, seminars, presentations or workshops. 


Total area:

473 sqm

Net exhibition area:

298 sqm

Total height:

4.50 m


2.50 - 3.50 m*


*With permission

Special Features of Room 3

  • Floor covered with 3D-look, wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Light grey wall design with a slight texture reminiscent of birch forests, grooves in the wall surfaces ensure optimum acoustics
  • Hook rack around the peripheral walls for suspending smaller objects
  • Acoustic wall cladding in the conference area
  • Cable ducts in the peripheral walls 
  • Floor boxes equipped with media technology
  • LED lighting strip on the ceiling – allows any colour to be mixed
  • Media distribution boxes in the ceiling, floor and walls – equipped with audio and video cables, to name but two media
  • Semi-recessed truss ducts in the ceilings
  • Media connection boxes in the ceilings for media cabling
  • Director’s area with completely new equipment: sound and lighting controls, separate projection room, interpreters’ booth
  • New air handling system
  • New lighting and public address concepts
  • Renovated fire protection system
  • Renovated conference interpretation equipment
  • In terms of media, the rooms are connected to the grid of the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf and Messe Düsseldorf 
  • Stationary stage with curtain
  • Stage access left and right, leading to multi-purpose backstage rooms (e.g. green rooms)
  • Stationary trussing with 25 suspension points

Seating Options

Theatre-style seating:

506 persons

Classroom-style seating:

273 persons

Banquet-style seating:

270 persons

U-shape seating:

66 persons

Hollow square seating:

88 persons


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