Exhibition Areas CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf

The CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf features a total exhibition and presentation area of 6,000 m². Another 30,000 m² is available in the two adjacent exhibition halls, Halle 1 and Halle 3, and the CCD Pavillon.

Here you will find detailed information and plans on our full range of exhibition areas.

Hall 3

Gross Area: 20,279 sqm
max. Net Area: 20,279 sqm

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Hall XY CCD Stadthalle

Gross Area: 2,165 sqm
max. Net Area: 1,429 sqm

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Foyer Stadthalle -1st Floor

Gross Area: 2,382 sqm
max. Net Area: 740 sqm

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Foyer CCD Süd - 1st Floor

Gross Area: 2,735 sqm
max. Net Area: 183 sqm

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