Questions about the Reconstruction

What exactly does the construction project comprise?

The construction project comprises the construction of the South Entrance including the re-design of the forecourt and the building of a new Hall 1 (replaces the Halls 1 and 2). At the same time, the CCD Süd will be completely modernised in the period 2015 to 2021 – always in the summer months.

What will the new South Entrance of the Exhibition Centre look like and what does this mean for the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf?

The CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf is given a new face. The characteristic feature of the construction project will be a 20m high canopy measuring 7,800 square metres and made of translucent glass fibre fabric with LED lighting.  


The former Halls 1 and 2 will be replaced by a new 12,000 m2, pillar-free hall. The 2,100 m2 foyer situated in front of the hall will be utilisable as an event space.

There are six conference rooms on the 1st floor that are connected flush with the event floor of the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf via a glazed aisle. They have a floor space of 200 square metres each and can be split in the middle by means of mobile partitioning walls.  

How large will the new Hall 1 be?

At 158 m long, 77 m wide and measuring over 12,000 m2 the new hall is about the size of Halls 8 a and b.

What event spaces are located in the hall and how are they equipped?

The new Hall 1 offers an event space measuring 12,000 m2 as well as six new divisible conference rooms measuring 200 m2 each. Linked by a glass walkway they will be on the same level as the event storey of CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf.

Boasting 2,100 m2 and offering access to the exhibition centre as an entrance concourse it will also be possible to use the extensively glazed foyer in the new Hall 1 as an event space. The architectural feature of the new building is the open-air plaza covered with a transparent, LED-illuminated canopy. It will also be possible to use the open-air plaza as an event space.

What will be the capacity of CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf once the new building is complete?

Together with adjacent Halls 1 and 3 CCD this will bring total capacity up to a maximum of 16,000 people.

Why will the CCD Süd be refurbished?

With the on-going modernisation we are adapting our facilities to the requirements of the convention and meetings industry so as to respond even more flexibly to our customers’ requests.

Why will a new South Entrance and a new Hall 1 be built?

These measures create multi-functional areas with an event feel thereby substantially increasing delegates’ quality of stay. This is also contributed to by two direct passageways to Nordpark.

When will the construction works take place?

The works at the South Entrance and Halls 1 and 2 started in May 2017 with the demolition of the current Halls 1. The construction works are expected to be completed  by July 2019.  

CCD Süd has been modernised continuously since 2015 and this will continue until 2021 – always over the summer months. 

Will operations continue to run as usual at CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf?

Yes. CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf is maintaining operations also during the building phase. The team at Düsseldorf Congress is approaching the situation with meticulous planning and innovative concepts. For instance, as and when they are required up to 15 temporary spaces will be available at CCD and in the adjacent exhibition halls using suspension systems and mobile wall elements.

All access points to CCD are open during the building phase.

Infrastructure and technical installations are provided in full as usual.

Obviously, Düsseldorf Congress is working on keeping any inconvenience arising from the building work – such as instance noise or dust – to a minimum.

What parking spaces will be available during the building phase?

Car Park P3 is not available during the building work. As an alternative 500 spaces for customers are planned at Car Park P5 on Rotterdamer Straße.

Beyond this, alternative parking spaces (20,000) are available around the exhibtion centre.

Once building works are complete the number of parking spaces at Entrance South/Süd will more than double from the previously available 220 to 460 thanks to the building of an underground car park.

How much will the building works cost?


The investment volume for the new Entrance South/Süd and Hall 1 including forecourt amounts to Euro 140 m.

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