10. Oktober 2018 Kongresse & Firmen-Events

Düsseldorf Congress establishes new working environment – open-plan office concept promotes creativity and teamwork

This is why Düsseldorf Congress invests in the future of work with a new office concept. As a pilot project the management, sales and marketing/communication staff have been working in open-plan offices since September. Their previously personal workplaces have been replaced by freely selectable workstations. The open design aims to promote inter-disciplinary communication, open up room for creative ideas and further strengthen cooperation.

“The new working environment will help us cooperate even more across teams, exchange experiences and generate joint impulses in a creative atmosphere as well as tackle projects for the future of the convention business. At the same time, we can fully exploit the potential of digital working worlds so as to give each individual employee a productive and up-to-date workplace,” says Hilmar Guckert, General Manager of Düsseldorf Congress.

As an initial step Düsseldorf Congress has implemented the new officescape in a part of the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf. The concept offers employees various working zones – from team workstations where joint projects can be worked on, through to Quiet Zones and individual work spaces for concentrated work. An open coffee bar invites employees to network creatively and meet spontaneously while the conference area provides room for team meetings. In addition to the in total 14 workplaces for management, sales and marketing/communication employees, there are three further workplaces for colleagues from other teams – allowing changing project teams to re-group “spacewise” if need be. The complete officescape is equipped with WiFi to ensure a safe connection to the Internet and the company’s local area network.

The design for the new working environment came largely care of the employees themselves. A cross-departmental project team channelled and implemented the staff’s wishes.  

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02. Mai 2019 Konzerte & Shows

DoKomi 2019: Japan- und Anime-Convention erwartet 50.000 Besucher in Düsseldorf

50.000 junge Fans der japanischen Popkultur treffen sich am Pfingstwochenende zur DoKomi in Düsseldorf. Die größte Japan- und Anime-Convention Deutschlands erstreckt sich am Samstag, 8. Juni, und Sonntag, 9. Juni, über mehrere Hallen der Messe Düsseldorf und das CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf. Es ist die elfte DoKomi in der Landeshauptstadt.

18. April 2019 Aus dem Unternehmen

Düsseldorf Congress auf der IMEX

Vom 21. bis zum 23. Mai 2019 ist das Team von Düsseldorf Congress auf der IMEX in Frankfurt vertreten. Auf der führenden internationalen Messe der Meeting- und Eventbranche kommen jährlich mehrere Tausend Veranstaltungsplaner aus aller Welt zusammen um sich über Standorte und Locations für Kongresse und Firmenevents zu informieren.

11. April 2019 Konzerte & Shows

Awakenings & Time Warp presents Connect 2019

CONNECT takes place again in Düsseldorf – from the 21st to 22nd of September 2019 at the exhibition grounds of Messe Düsseldorf. The destination proves to be the perfect spot for CONNECT. As the home of influential bands like Kraftwerk and D.A.F, it is the ideal backdrop for the new festival concept, because of its easy accessibility and the perfectly fitting venue infrastructure. For one night, 20,000 guests from all over the world will make their pilgrimage to the heart of Germany and celebrate their shared love for electronic music.

21. März 2019 Kongresse & Firmen-Events

Deutscher Schulleiterkongress in Düsseldorf

Die jährlich stattfindende Leitveranstaltung für schulische Führungskräfte in Deutschland – der Deutsche Schulleiterkongress (DSLK) – findet vom 21. bis 23. März 2019 in Düsseldorf statt. Zu seiner achten Auflage präsentiert er wieder prominente Referenten und Keynote-Speaker – darunter Deutschlands bekanntesten Wissenschaftsjournalisten Ranga Yogeshwar, Hirnforscher Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther und Ex-Boxweltmeister Henry Maske.


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