Room 1

Room 1, one of the architectural highlights of the CCD Süd, is a state-of-the-art auditorium with an area of 1,080 sqm. The hall has a total capacity of 1,028 theatre-style seats or 478 classroom-style seats. Due to its size and configuration, the auditorium is especially suitable for large meetings, conventions, conferences and presentations. The unique spatial design and the lighting concept make it possible to illuminate the room in different colours at the push of a button and to use the walls as projection surfaces. The room’s ultra-modern lighting system can also simulate daylight, allowing for a fatigue-free event. The adjacent foyer, which overlooks the Rhine, provides ample space for relaxed breaks.


Total area:

1,080 sqm

Total height:

9.00 m

Seating Options

Theatre-style seating:

1,028 persons

Classroom-style seating:

478 persons


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